Living Simply with Social Media

For a while now, I have been seeking ways to simplify my life so that I can focus on my loved ones and doing things that add the most value to my life. I just want to keep to myself, seek adventure, stay inspired, be kind, happy, healthy, and weather the ups and downs of life with grace. I have been better able to do these things through embracing simplicity and the joys that a simple, meaningful life can bring.

On this quest, I recently decided to re-evaluate my online presence and whether certain social media platforms in particular, serve me well. I want to feel inspired, and follow accounts that encourage me to create. So with that in mind, I have culled the content that I am seeing on the platforms I remain active on, so that I don’t feel that all too familiar feeling of digital overwhelm.

I decided to deactivate my Facebook account. At first, I decided to stay away for 30 days thanks to the inspiration of Mary Blossoms. It really worked, at first I still had that touch memory and would find myself absent-mindedly clicking onto the site. However, once this abated, I found that I felt much calmer and more at peace.

For me, Facebook is a platform on which I constantly compared myself to others and found out far too much about people I don’t really know or care about. I can understand how it is a wonderful platform for keeping in touch and sharing memories with family and friends, but I never could strike that balance.

Cleaning up my online presence has made the time I spend in the virtual world so much more enjoyable and valuable. I can fully focus on watching an informative Ted Talk on Youtube, searching for a delicious vegan recipe on Pinterest, or finally creating, through starting my own blog, all without feeling distracted. Life is full of enough stress, we all deserve to spend our precious time on this Earth happy and present.

I hope that my experience will help if you too are thinking about or in the process of simplifying your social media presence. And please remember:

Image: Rose Hill Designs by Heather Stillufsen

Until next time… ♥


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